Guns N’ Roses Played New York Last Night


Whoa! Guns N' Roses played a tiny, secret New York show last night and you weren’t there! Don’t feel too bad, though, cause neither were we, or most normal people, actually — it was a Fashion Week party at the John Varvatos store (the former CBGB) with a crowd full of glamorous, famous people like Kevin Bacon and Sebastian Bach, and the line to get in went for hours (if you are a glamorous, famous Vulture reader and actually were there last night, please do tell in the comments). But it wasn’t no skimpy “guest appearance” where a band does three songs and then gets drunk on free Champagne the rest of the night: GNR ran through an awesome seventeen-song set with only three Chinese Democracy tracks (“Catcher in the Rye,” “Street of Dreams,” and “This I Love” — or, as they’re known around Vulture HQ, the two good ones and one shitty one). BrooklynVegan has the whole set list and photos; below, you can check out a lighting-challenged video of Axl Rose awkwardly dancing his way through “My Michelle.” (He’s not used to such petite stages!) By the way, our fashion-forward sisters at The Cut hear Axl may be hanging around the city for the rest of Fashion Week, if you're into celebrity stalking at all. Anyway, how did you enjoy 30 Rock last night?

Guns n Roses played the Varvatos store (pics, video, setlist)