Harvey Weinstein Confident Basterds Will Take Best Picture — Fortune Teller Said So


Though A Single Man and Nine are bottoming out at the box office, Harvey Weinstein has no doubt that he'll score a Best Picture win this year. At his wife Georgina Chapman's Marchesa presentation earlier this week, we asked him to place his bet on this year's Best Picture. "Inglourious Basterds!" he proclaimed before we could finish the sentence. "I'm sure of it, as a matter of fact. Georgina went to a fortune teller about a year ago, and the fortune teller said, 'Your husband's going to be very lucky in March.' And I said, 'George, the Oscars are in February.' Six months later, ABC moved the Oscar date to March 7 because of the Winter Olympics — and I said, 'We'll find out how good that fortune teller is.'"