Carey Mulligan, Jeff Bridges to Do Their Best Acting on More Screens


While Avatar's Best Picture nomination probably won't mean much commercially for a movie that's already earned all of the money in the world, yesterday's Oscar nods can do something for the little-seen, nicely reviewed awards bait that's been languishing in limited release since last fall. The L.A. Times reports today that of 2010's nominated films, An Education will get the biggest boost this weekend, expanding from 75 screens to 760 and possibly improving Carey Mulligan's chances for Best Actress. Also moving to more theaters (249 to 800) is the thrice-nominated Crazy Heart, whose star, Jeff Bridges, was probably going to win Best Actor anyway. Other Oscar-nominated films like District 9, Inglourious Basterds, The Hurt Locker, and Up are already out on DVD, so their makers would probably appreciate it if you just added them to your Netflix queues.

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