MTV Fears Overexposure of Jersey Shore Cast


America's favorite guidos and guidettes have agreed to come back for a second season of Jersey Shore, and each castmember is about to see their savings account grow by $180,000 or so. However, considering the cast only made about $200 per episode last summer, it's understandable that they need to figure out some other ways to make ends meet in the here and now. After all, keeping up your GTL game doesn't come cheap. However, according to the New York Post, MTV isn't too happy that the cast is out on the town seven nights a week judging wing-eating contests and generally degrading the Jersey Shore brand.

Now that the likes of the Situation and Shnickers Snooki are among the most popular people on television, they are getting paid upwards of $7,500 a night to make personal appearances at bars and nightclubs all across this great country of ours. Perhaps fearing that the cast is hitting the road a little too often, the Post is reporting that the cast has been told that they are only allowed to do two personal appearances a week and that said gigs have to be approved by the show's producers. To keep them on the straight and narrow, the producers have even gone as far as threatening to fine them if they break the rules. We don't know whether any of the cast has actually been forced to pay up yet, but if we know anything about the Jersey Shore crew, it would be easier to keep them in line if they threatened to disinvite them from Chicken Cutlet Night instead of fining them.

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