Attempt to Block Jersey Shore DVD Release Unsuccessful


A potential "grenade" was deflected today, as a judge ruled against a New Jersey man attempting to halt tomorrow’s release of the Jersey Shore Season 1 DVD. Stephen Izzo Jr., who says he was beaten by cast member Ronnie Magro on-camera, filed a civil lawsuit in Ocean County Superior Court against Ronnie, MTV, and Viacom, claiming that the release of the DVD box set would result in “profiting off of Ronnie’s alleged criminal act" (Ronnie was charged with assault in the incident). Izzo also sued for invasion of privacy and for the unauthorized use of his likeness and image.

The judge determined that the DVD could still be released because Izzo’s face was blurred out and there was no proof that the DVD’s release would cause him "any financial or irreparable harm.” Situation avoided.

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