Kick-Ass Red Band Trailer: Teen Violence, Now With More Swear Words


Did you see the original Kick-Ass trailer and worry that the movie — about a high-school kid fighting crime alongside other young, no-supernatural-power-having regular people — wouldn’t have a scene where a guy gets whipped backwards and accidentally shoots himself in the throat? Worry not: The restricted trailer for the movie has been released, and it features not only that creative bit of violence, but also some off-color masturbation references, a bunch of F-bombs, and a scene in which the character Hit Girl — played by 13-year-old Chloe Moretz — says the lines, “He has a special signal that shines in the sky. It’s in the shape of a giant cock.” Is Kick-Ass dirtier than we realized, or did the producers just pile all the R-rated bits into these two minutes? Either way, this could be the best Nicolas Cage movie since Captain Corelli's Mandolin.