Killers Trailer: The ‘My Secret Hit Man Boyfriend’ Plot Again?


To coincide with tomorrow's premiere of Kutcher-starring Valentine's Day, Lionsgate has released the trailer for Killers, starring Kutcher as a hit man and Katherine Heigl as his new girlfriend who doesn't know he's a hit man. Gosh, have we, as moviegoers, been down this road before or what? Grosse Pointe Blank, True Lies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and the upcoming Tom Cruise–Cameron Diaz flick Knight and Day have really similar plots, just to name a few recent examples. While this trailer isn't terrible (and teases some top-notch supporting talent in a boozy Catherine O'Hara, Rob Riggle, and the triumphant return of Selleck and 'stache) and has one mildly amusing line ("Let's just say that I work for the blah blah blah and they gave me a license to blah."), we have to conclude that if this script were any good, it would star much bigger names. Our biggest impulse after watching this, actually, is to break out Grosse Pointe Blank for a 90th viewing.