Letterman Books Guests, Leno Talks in a Garage


With their late-night battle picking up again on Monday, both David Letterman and Jay Leno have made some moves to get a leg up. Letterman announced some of his planned Late Show guests for next week, a group that includes Matt Damon, Mitt Romney, and … Jerry Seinfeld, which is somewhat surprising, as Seinfeld is one of Leno’s buds (and was one of his first guests in his 10 p.m. spot). It would seem, as ever, shameless promotion (Seinfeld’s reality show The Marriage Ref premieres March 4 on NBC) trumps loyalty.

Leno, meanwhile, who announced some of his first-week Tonight Show guests Monday, dropped this lo-fi video on the NBC website, in which he chats with his mechanic (?) about the beach and not having a desk yet. So casual! And his answer to Letterman's Seinfeld coup? The promise of more Cop N’Kitty sketches. “Yeah, I know [they] sound stupid but I think [they’re] pretty funny,” he says.

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