Lily Allen and Courtney Love Brawl in Cyberspace


When this friendly Vulture editor moved to New York City some three or so years ago, one of the first rules that this native Midwesterner was taught was never to look fellow subway riders directly in the eyes. And although this situation isn't entirely analogous, the same thing might be said for engaging Courtney Love on Twitter. You see, Love and the British pop star Lily Allen have been getting into it after — take a deep breath — Love complained that Allen used a fashion connection to block Love from wearing a couture dress to the Brit Awards last week. Well, Allen apparently couldn't let bygones be bygones and decided to let loose on Love on Twitter.


As you can see, Allen has clearly provoked the always irascible Love by way of the Internets. The only reason we can think of for Love's delayed reply is that, well, she's still asleep. If you're looking for some good, cheap entertainment on this snowy Friday eve, might we suggest keeping an eye on Courtney's Twitter feed? Your finger might get tired from all the scrolling, but if we know Courtney, it will be worth it.

Lily Allen Calls Courtney Love A "Drug Addled Lunatic" On Twitter [X17 Online]