Logan Lerman Starts His Own Spider-Man Rumors


When he's not busy stealing lightning, Logan Lerman, the star of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, is busy starting rumors that he's the new Spider-Man. The baby-faced actor told Billy Bush today that "there have been a few discussions" about him starring as a young Peter Parker in the Marc Webb-directed reboot of Spider-Man. He added, "It's definitely something I'm looking into." Unfortunately, Lerman seems to be looking into it a bit harder than the movie's studio, Columbia Pictures. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio has a list of potential actors and Lerman is just "on that list." A Columbia rep said, “No offers have been made, nor have any business discussions been made with Lerman.” Thanks to his premature disclosure, he can probably count on that not changing.

Logan Lerman as Spider-Man? Not so fast! [Heat Vision/HR]