Maggie Gyllenhaal Isn’t Above Standing at Busy Intersections to Promote a Movie


When we caught up with Maggie Gyllenhaal last night at the Character Approved celebration hosted by USA Network, we wondered if the studio was making her go overboard to promote Crazy Heart, because she's nominated for an Oscar for her role in it. "Crazy Heart, you know, wasn’t going to come out now, and they decided maybe three weeks before they released it to release it now, so we were doing so much press," she explained. "I mean, it was like three Q&As a night, and then a cocktail party and then, you know. I mean, so much more stuff stuffed into a small period of time than any movie I’ve ever promoted, including The Dark Knight. And Peter, my husband, was like, 'Uh, are they going to ask you to go stand on Broadway and Houston with flyers? Because you would, I think. You would.' And I maybe would." So basically ... yes.