Mickey Rourke Politely Asks BAFTA Audience, ‘Do You Want This Bareback or With a Raincoat?’


Late last week, your friendly Vulture editors exchanged a series of instant messages lamenting the fact that this year's Oscar race didn't have one person in it as singularly awesome as Mickey Rourke was during last year's campaign. Watching the Dude's ascendancy during this awards season has been gratifying, no doubt, but even his staunchest supporters would admit that he's definitely no Rourke. Which is why we were so delighted to see our friends over at Movieline point out Rourke's impromptu inquiry directed at the producers of the BAFTA Awards last night. When Rourke arrived onstage sans eyewear and realized he was going to have a difficult time reading the TelePrompTer, he ad-libbed a line that no doubt would've been bleeped out on American television. But thanks to the Internet and the liberal censors over at the BBC, you too can hear the Vulture hero ask the crowd an awkwardly awesome metaphorical question about their sexual preferences. Always the gentleman, that guy!

(Unless you have nine minutes to spare, we suggest skipping ahead to the 8:30 mark or so ... )

Mickey Rourke to Classy BAFTA Audience: 'Do You Want This Bareback?' [Movieline]