Spears Set to Release Seventh Album This Summer


As dictated by the cosmic laws of pop divas, when one superstar’s album is taken away from us, another must emerge in its place. MTV is reporting today that none other than Ms. Britney Spears will be releasing her seventh (!) studio album this June. Spears will be recording with the Outsyders’ K. Briscoe, whom she teamed with for her 2008 comeback hit “Womanizer,” as well as D.J. David Guetta (behind the recently omnipresent “Sexy Bitch”). She’ll also collaborate in the studio with other usual suspects, including Max Martin, Darkchild, Sean Garrett, and Soul Diggaz’ Corte Ellis. We're down with anything that keeps her away from gas-station bathrooms and barber shops. [Buzzworthy/MTV via Idolator]