Natalie Portman Loves Weed Comedies Now, Apparently


Last night Variety confirmed’s initial report that Natalie Portman is in talks to produce and star in the comedy Best Buds, and boy are we glad they did. Seeing as Portman’s spent the last few years stringing together bummers like The Other Boleyn Girl and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, we’d be all for her flashing the comedy chops outside of Funny or Die shorts, even if Best Buds weren’t a stoner road-trip movie. But it is: Portman would play a woman flipping out before her wedding who heads to San Diego with her two best friends and a whole bunch of weed. Notably, Portman recently wrapped David Gordon Green’s Your Highness — a medieval comedy starring Danny McBride as a lazy knight forced to go on his first mission with heroic older brother James Franco — which not only sounds awesome, but is also sort of a stoner comedy (McBride’s character puffs the wizard weed on the regs). Has shooting Your Highness, plus assumably hearing Gordon Green’s hilarious stories from the Pineapple Express set, made Portman fall in love with stoner comedy? That’d be weird and kind of great.

Portman to star in, produce 'Best Buds' [Variety]