New Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer: Beware of Micro-Naps!


As we lamented when the first teaser trailer for the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot hit the Internets a few months back, there's absolutely NOTHING funny about this very serious take on the Freddy saga (despite the fact that Michael Bay is involved). In fact, Jackie Earle Haley immersed himself so deeply in the character of the charred, molest-y janitor that he was barely able to speak to reporters when they visited him on the set. Method-acting grandstanding aside, this new trailer doesn't do much to excite: It recycles a few memorable scenes from the Wes Craven original (razor-tipped glove emerging from the bubble bath, girl getting hacked to pieces while dancing on the ceiling), it sort of introduces us to a bunch of no-name (and presumably cheap) actors, and it does its best to obscure Freddy's mangled visage. That said, it does include one hilarious new development in sleep technology: micro-naps!

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