No Alice in Wonderland for the Dutch


You had to figure this was coming: Some foreign movie-theater owners, upset over Disney's shrunken release window for the film, are threatening not to screen Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland when it opens (maybe!) on March 5. Variety says the four largest Dutch exhibitors have committed to a boycott, with top ones in Italy and the U.K. threatening to do the same, unless Disney relents on plans to rush Alice to DVD in three months (studios typically wait four). "We decided we need to send a message to the whole industry," says a rep for the Netherlands' National Board of Cinema Owners. "If you don't accept our terms, we will never show your movies again." That seems a little harsh, but at least Dutch fans won't have to wait four whole months to see their films on DVD.

'Alice' stirs more exhib ire [Variety]