After Kathryn Bigelow and Robert Rodriguez Pass, the Planet of the Apes Prequel Goes Down the Line


The prequel to Planet of the Apes continues to evolve at Twentieth Century Fox. Insiders tell Vulture that producer and former News Corporation president Peter Chernin has been having trouble interesting the top tier of directors in swinging aboard: He has had discussions with Kathryn Bigelow, Robert Rodriguez, and Tomas Alfredson (who just made the upcoming biopic The Danish Girl, starring Nicole Kidman as the first man to undergo a sex-change operation), but all of them have declined. But Chernin and Fox are so intent on making this movie that they’re progressing right down to the next level of meat-and-potatoes action directors: The tightly controlled script, called Caesar, has now been circulated to Albert and Allen Hughes (The Book of Eli); Pierre Morel (Taken); James McTeigue (Ninja Assassin); Dennis Illiadis (The Last House on the Left), and Scott Stewart (Legion). And Uwe Boll sits at home muttering, "Patience, Uwe, patience ... "