Raaaaaaaandy Calls Out Every Rapper Ever


How great is it being a pop-culture fan in 2010? Twenty years ago we all thought it was insane when Ice-T fronted a metal band; now we’ve got a dude from a network comedy starring Amy Poehler making jokes about rappers in the guise of a character he created for a Judd Apatow movie on a mixtape produced by that guy from TV on the Radio, and nobody bats an eyelid. Yeah, we know everyone’s long been desensitized to border-hopping cultural products by now, but we thought we should just take a minute to point this out and appreciate it. Anyway, Raaaaaaaandy’s first single "Aaaaaaaangry" — in which he lashes out at all the rappers that haven’t yet sent him verses for his mixtape — is here, and is totally great.

Here are our three favorite jokes:

• "RZA and GZA, where ya’ll at, man? You know how many times I went to Bed Bath & Beyond since I sent you those beats. I went through floor mats, fool! I don’t replace floor mats that often, man. That shit had to get real moldy."
• "Can we get a fake MF Doom to do a verse? Send one of the fake ones, put a mask on him, we don’t give a shit!"
• "Kanye … quit fucking updating your blog and send us a verse! ‘Oh, here’s a couch I saw.’ Can you sit on that couch and write your verse real quick? ‘Oh, here’s a picture of a dope tree house in Scandinavia. Oh, I’m designing a new shoe for Bugle Boy.’”