The Bachelor Contestant Who Quit for Her Job Works at Facebook


Last night, romantics and rose fetishists everywhere were stunned when, at the end of The Bachelor, contestant Ali Fedotowsky withdrew from the running right before the rose ceremony (watch it below). It had come down to choosing between her job (which she “loves”) and Jake the Bachelor (the man she “loves”), and employment won out. What kind of employer could cast such a spell over a person that she would want to dedicate all her time to it, ignoring any chance at meaningful human interaction? No surprise here: Ali works at Facebook.

According to her Twitter account, on June 29 she announced it was “My last week at PCG!!! Start job at Facebook next Monday!!!! YAY!” On July 5, the countdown to her new job in advertising continued: “Second to last day at PCG! Can't wait for Monday!” And in case you doubted that any job could possibly live up to such high expectations, the next week she tweeted, “[HEART] my job.” And then the updates stopped, because why tweet when you can use that time to take movie quizzes?

A Facebook spokesperson confirms that Ali is still employed at the company: "We appreciate the personal decision to return to work was deeply difficult, but we're glad Ali decided to come back." According to a source close to the matter, Fedotowsky told her manager about The Bachelor before she left (though, strangely, not her co-workers), and used up her entire vacation allotment for the filming of the show. But her bouncy personality and cute girl-next-door looks carried her farther than she anticipated; her vacation days ran out, and she was forced to return in order to keep her job. However, our sources confirm what previews of next week's show hinted: This may not be the end of Ali and Jake. We smell a super-poke.