The Sarah Silverman Show Returns, Now With More Stealth Advertorial!


Attention dot-noses: Did you remember to watch the season-three premiere of the Sarah Silverman Show last night? We sure hope so! After all, Logo didn't come to the rescue of the program last spring for you to watch the last half-hour of The Jay Leno Show instead. Those who did watch last night were not only treated to a gorgeous rendition of "The Baby Penis in Your Mind," but also to some stealthy advertorial work for a new video game called Dark Void. We can only assume that, as part of their agreement to save the show, the cast and crew agreed to volunteer themselves to participate in ad campaigns meant to look, feel, and sound exactly like the show itself. It was a little discomforting that the 30-second spot itself didn't carry a disclaimer that it was a paid advertisement; in fact, without the preceding Dark Void bumper, we probably wouldn't have realized it was a commercial at all. That said, if this is what it takes to save the show, we're all for it!