Joy Behar Probes Into the Prophylactic Practices of the Jersey Shore Cast


Dear cast of Jersey Shore,

How can we miss you if you never go away? The show has been off the air for a month now, yet every new day seems to bring another "Exclusive!" interview with our beloved juiceheads in which we hear them dodge the question that everyone wants to know: Namely, where will they be filming the show's second season? This morning, the castmates showed up on The View to promote the recent DVD release of the show's first season. And while most of the questions from the gabby ladies of The View were unoriginal and bland, Joy Behar did manage to shake things up a bit when she asked the Situation and D.J. Pauly D whether they used condoms when hooking up with Sleazeside skanks in the hot tub. Their answers might surprise you!