The Three Musketeers Is Getting Remade Twice


Great news, fans of remakes and classic French literature: There are currently two separate adaptations of The Three Musketeers in the works! The first was announced in September and is being helmed by Alien vs. Predator director Paul W.S. Anderson, who is planning to add a contemporary feel and shooting in … wait for it … 3-D. Also, like any other sensible people currently making a movie starring humans, the project’s producers were hoping to cast Taylor Lautner, although that is apparently not happening. Anderson is now working on the screenplay with Andrew Davies (The Tailor of Panama). And they better write fast! Warner Bros. is going full steam ahead on their own adaptation, with The Men Who Stare at Goats’ Peter Straughan hard at work on the script. While there’s no director set, Marley & Me’s David Frankel and Mr. & Mrs. Smith's Doug Liman are on the top of the wish list. It’s been a decade since Hollywood’s last golden rival-studios-making-the-same-movies era gave us Prefontaine/Without Limits, Dante’s Peak/Volcano, and Armageddon/Deep Impact. With the Six Musketeers and the Four Deloreans, are we witnessing the birth of another?

Dueling 'Three Musketeers' projects sharpen their blades [24 Frames/LAT]