This Week on ‘Babble On’: Tiger Woods, Kevin Smith, and Robert Pattinson Get Infotained


Pop quiz: What do Tiger Woods, Kevin Smith, and Robert Pattinson have in common? No, this isn't the setup for a terrible punchline or an idle threat by Dennis Hopper, but rather, it's our way of introducing our latest installment of "Babble On." Yes, that's right, we're keeping an eye on the celebrity infotainment programs so you don't have to. And each one of the aforementioned gents features prominently in this 60-second clip reel that's got more hyperbole than you can shake a remote control at. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the starstruck reaction of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp when they realize that none other than Mary Hart (Mary Hart!) will be attending the royal premiere of Alice in Wonderland 3-D!