TV's Latest Trend: Shows About Indian-Americans


The Hollywood Reporter has noticed a trend in funny TV—people are getting more Indian. The evidence, as it tends to with trends, comes in threes. First there's Nirvana, a show first kicked around by NBC in 2004 when it shot a pilot with Kal Penn in the lead role. Now Fox is bringing it back. Then there's Outsourced, which filmed a pilot for NBC for 2007. Now the Peacock is bringing it back too. Lastly, producers of the British comedy The Kumars at No. 42 are shopping the show in the U.S. with hopes of giving an Office-style remake.

After noticing that there are other Indian-Americans currently on TV (Tom Haverford, Kelly Kapoor, among others), The Hollywood Reporter asks the obvious question: "Is it a coincidence or a delayed Slumdog Millionaire effect?" Neither! Obviously this is all because of RAAAAAAAANDY.

Indian-themed comedies a new TV trend [The Hollywood Reporter]