Unfilmable Fourth Twilight Book to Be Two Movies


Even though Stephenie Meyer's first two Twilight books have been adapted into hunk-starring movies that have pretty much given Summit Entertainment a license to print money, some still wondered how Breaking Dawn, the series' fourth entry, might plausibly be converted into a watchable film. Breaking from the tame, abstinence-filled first three novels, it contains (spoiler!) tons of sex; a grisly pregnancy complicated when a fast-growing demon baby cracks a character's ribs and spine from the inside; and an even-grislier C-section scene in which a vampire rips open the girl's stomach with his teeth. Also, post-delivery, Taylor Lautner's character falls in love with the demon baby. Well, tonight Nikki Finke reports that Summit will, naturally, extend Dawn into two movies. Awesome!

EXCLUSIVE: 'Twilight' Saga's Final Book 'Breaking Dawn' Will Be Made Into 2 Movies