United States of Tara Season Two Trailer Is Four Kinds of Glib


We've never really gotten the appeal of Showtime's United States of Tara. While Toni Collette certainly deserves her Emmy and Golden Globe for what amounts to a postgrad-level acting workshop thinly connected by plot, we've never been able to willingly suspend disbelief for what even Tara's creators would probably call the show's total fantasy world. (Which is way hypocritical, because our beloved House is no less of a Pandora or Lost-verse in comparison, and even has the same overly self-aware tone as Tara — maybe we just like our post-homophobic jokes out of the mouth of a misanthropic, drug-addicted doctor instead of a loving family.) Here's the trailer for season two, which starts in March. It actually does have at least one laugh-out-loud moment.

[Showtime/YouTube via Warming Glow]