We Join Snoop Dogg and Darth Vader in a Shoe Store, and We Swear That’s Not Pot Talking


This morning, we were reunited with our old friend, Snoop Dogg, with whom we once spent a very memorable evening. (That is, until he generously handed over a blunt and we couldn't remember anything that happened afterwards.) This time, we waited outside in Soho with a horde of crazed sneaker-heads until Snoop and a bunch of Storm Troopers reenacted the Imperial March down Wooster Street to the Adidas store for the dramatic unveiling of limited-edition Star Wars sneakers: the Skywalker and the Yoda. Once there, Snoop fake-shopped for the cameras as event planners filled the room with smoke (from the smell of things, he added his own smoke later). We talked to the man for a hot minute and learned what kind of Star Wars character he'd like to be. The answer, we think, proves Snoop has never seen Star Wars. Enjoy!