We Really (Maybe) Almost Lost Duckie


More woes for Two and a Half Men, the Arrested Development of our confused and mediocre times: It is being reported that the previously announced threat to Jon Cryer's life, which many dismissed as paranoia or drama-queen jealousy over co-star Charlie Sheen's own personal-violence incidents, came from his ex-wife, Sarah Trigger, seen here doing a spot-on impression of a cartoon crazy person. According to documents filed in Cryer and Trigger's child-custody case, Trigger told her lawyer that her ex-boyfriend was trying to kill Cryer. But the ex says it was Trigger who tried repeatedly to get him to kill the star. We're going to go with the ex on this one — just look at those Bette Davis eyes! (Also, a tip: Jon Cryer really hates it when you walk up to him in public and ask him if he's "Duckie.")

Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife Allegedly Requested Hit [TMZ]
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