Will Javier Bardem Suck on Broadway?


Given that vampire-based entertainment is pretty much the only thing keeping America's lights on these days, it's a little surprising that this has taken so long: Michael Riedel reports today that two teams of producers are currently competing to bring Dracula back to the New York stage. One group wants to take it off Broadway this spring with F. Murray Abraham playing Dracula's nemesis, Van Helsing (they don't know who would play Dracula yet, presumably because most reasonable actors would be terrified to play F. Murray Abraham's nemesis). The other wants to do it on Broadway with Javier Bardem in the title role (though he's "far from being signed just yet"). Either production, says Riedel, would use the sets and costumes Edward Gorey designed for the version of Dracula that ran on Broadway in 1977. Both sound pretty good to us.

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