William H. Macy: World’s Most Unexpected Drag Queen


William H. Macy was in attendance at yesterday's Heart Truth Red Dress Collection Fashion Show, playing the role of dutiful husband as his wife Felicity Huffman sashayed down the runway in an Oscar de la Renta dress. But, as Macy told us, Huffman's not the only one in the relationship who has experimented with female attire. "I've worn really high heels, really high ones," said Macy. "There was a friend of ours who was having a women-only engagement party, and I thought, 'The hell with this,' and I dressed up in full drag."

The first step to building the perfect outfit was getting the proper footwear. "At Frederick’s of Hollywood they have high heels for men," he said. "I mean, it’s death defying. You can break your ankle in a New York minute." To find the perfect dress, he only needed to go as far as his wife's closet; turns out, they're the same size. "He's slender," she told us after the show. Did she give him any dressing tips? "Yeah, my tip was 'give me back my dress.' He seemed to like it a little too much." But she needn't worry about it being a regular fashion choice. "I was miserable," he said, recalling the pain of high heels. "I realized why when you get women home and get them out of those clothes, they say thank you."