Aaron Eckhart Has No Idea What’s Happening With The Rum Diary


Newly bearded Aaron Eckhart laid low at a party last night for his “friend” (girlfriend?) Molly Sims and her jewelry line, Grayce the Collection, for which he shot the ad campaign. But we still asked him about The Rum Diary, the Hunter S. Thompson biopic that features Eckhart alongside Johnny Depp. Alas, there’s still no word on a premiere date, even though the film has been in the works for (at least) three years. “I don’t know, I don’t know where they’re at. I think they’re trying to get into Cannes, maybe,” Eckhart told us. Have there been problems trying to release it? “It hasn’t even been a year yet, so I don’t think so. It’s one of those movies where, you know — this is Johnny’s pet project, it’s his baby. So I think he’s going to take his time and release it in the proper place. I think it’ll do good, I really do. Johnny’s absolutely wonderful in it.”