Academy: Fawcett Was Skipped Because of Background in Television


Farrahgate continues tonight, as the executive director of the Academy said Tuesday Fawcett was left off the "In Memoriam" segment because she was “better known for her television work.” After lots of hubbub - including a public statement from the Charlie Angels’ star’s longtime partner Ryan O’Neal - the mystery over her omission has now been solved, kind of.

"In every category, you're going to miss some wonderful people," Academy executive director Bruce David told the Associated Press, explaining that "an unusual number of extremely distinguished screenwriters" died this year.

Considering this logic, you may be wondering why Michael Jackson was included. Davis said Jackson’s appearance in the documentary This Is It is what earned him a spot. "Think of all the blogging we would have gotten if we had left him out!" Davis said. He's right: us bloggers are such a rambunctious breed.

Academy: Farrah Fawcett Omitted Because of TV-Heavy Career
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