Depp and Burton, DeNiro and Scorsese: Modern Cinema’s Most Prolific Actor-Director Pairs


Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, featuring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, opens this weekend, and it marks for us another chapter in an extremely fruitful collaboration between two remarkable kindred spirits — Burton the brooding artist and Depp the movie star desperate to stay true to his inner freakishness. It got us thinking about other iconic collaborations between noted directors and favorite actors, collaborations that enhance both the filmmaker and the performer, and which stand as bodies of work in and of themselves. (We also added a couple of repeated pairings that, for all their frequency, will leave the opposite of a legacy.) Needless to say, there were a lot to choose from, so we’ve restricted ourselves to collaborators who’ve worked together in the last 25 years (sorry, Hitchcock and Stewart!) and English-language movies (sorry, Toshiro, Akira, Marcello, Federico, et al). We know we’ve missed a few, so please post your choices below.