Akon Banned From Sri Lanka for Sexy Dance Near Buddha Statue


The Sri Lankan government has refused Akon's request for a visa following violent protests — stones were thrown and cars smashed — over his appearance in a music video in which he frolics with bikini-wearing girls near a statue of the Buddha. The clip in question, David Guetta's "Sexy Chick," offers only a few brief glimpses of the statue, but just try telling that to rioting Sri Lankan Buddhists. Unfortunately for his South Asian fanbase, the government's beef with Akon extends to his lyrical content, and various religious groups have been vocal enough in their objection to him that the ban is unlikely to be lifted in time for his planned April 20 concert (his reps say they hope to reschedule). If you're curious to see the offending video, you can check it out after the jump. Says Akon: "[I] am a spiritual man, so I can understand why they are offended. But violence is never the answer, and I am disheartened to hear about what happened in Sri Lanka." You can see the video here.

Akon Banned From Sri Lanka For Buddha Statue Video [Guardian UK]