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party lines

Alec Baldwin Not Counting On Blowing Out 80 Birthday Candles

When we chatted up Alec Baldwin at the Roundabout Theatre Company’s spring gala celebrating composer Stephen Sondheim’s 80th birthday Monday night, we asked him what people will be saying about him when he turns 80. “‘He was such a nice guy. We miss him,’” the 30 Rock star told us. But why would he be missed? “I’m going to be dead by the time I’m 80. I don’t think I’ll be around,” he said. Baldwin didn’t speculate about why he won’t be around, but he did offer his opinion on why the evening’s honoree is alive and well: “Sondheim lives to be 80 because I just think he’s involved in something so creatively rich, you know, he’s so amazing.” See more in our Party Lines slideshow.

Photo: Patrick McMullan