As Promised, Courtney Love Strikes Back at Lily Allen on Twitter


If only Nikki Finke hadn't gone out and trademarked "TOLDJA!", we would've had the perfect headline for this story! Oh well, we'll have to settle for something a bit more pedestrian like "We told you so!" when relaying the story of Courtney Love's venomous outburst at Lily Allen on Twitter earlier today. Back on Friday, we told you to pay close attention to Love's Twitter feed, for it was almost certain that she'd strike back at Lily Allen for labeling her as a "crazy old lady" and a "paranoid drug addled lunatic." Well, even though it took a bit longer than we expected for Love to check her @replies, she finally got around to blasting Allen on the micro-blogging platform. Love described Allen as having a "propensity for corpulence" and relayed the story about how Allen allegedly hoovered up a kilo of cocaine at Love's pad a few years back, a night which concluded with Allen (again, allegedly) being physically removed from the home after she asked a terrified Frances Bean for beer in the middle of the night. The ball's in your court now, Lily!


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