Big Boi Knows Our Sorrows


Yesterday, we Clickabled your attention over to the video for Big Boi’s “Fo Yo Sorrows,” then spend the rest of the afternoon daydreaming about how awesome it’s going to be when we get to hear his upcoming solo album Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty in a few weeks. But earlier this afternoon we stumbled upon Paste’s blog post, "Five Reasons to Believe Big Boi’s Solo Album is Finally Coming (And Might Actually be Good)," and were like, wait, "what, whatever happened to March 23rd?” Turns out, without anyone telling us, Sir Luscious went off “upcoming album we’re really excited about” status and back to “possibly genius, perma delayed album” status! Now all Big Boi will give up is that might be out at some point in the spring. But it’s been done since last year! And we already marked our calendar! OK, before we start geekily hyperventilating, let’s all lose ourselves in the warm glow of Big Boi’s impeccable double-time flow one more time.