Biggie Smalls Has the Best Stories


Today marks the thirteenth anniversary of the death of the Notorious B.I.G., so we thought we’d take a break from Right-Click’s regularly scheduled programming of fresh hot jams and throw up a classic instead. (If you’re really fiending for new music, click here and here). We’re going with “I Got a Story to Tell,” the last track on the first disc of Life After Death and probably our favorite-ever Biggie track. That’s thanks in no small part to a light, lilting beat that makes “Story” sound like an unearthed gem from the Midnight Marauders sessions … that is, if Biggie wasn’t rapping about sleeping with the significant other of an anonymous New York Knick while his team plays the Utah Jazz. As economically as possible, Big sketches the whole thing out: getting to her place, having the Knick come home mid-coitus, quickly binding and gagging the lady to cover up the infidelity with a fake robbery, getting handed a hundred large from the comically terrified Knick, then bouncing out to get high and laugh about it with his friends. By the way, in our fantasy world where this is a real story, that Knick was definitely Hubert Davis.