Bill Murray’s Latest Role: Part-Time Bartender


It should be obvious why Bill Murray isn’t as gung-ho about a third Ghostbusters as the rest of the principals: Why should he waste his time on movie sets trying to reclaim past glories when he can just continue being awesome in real life? Note the below video, shot this past weekend at an Austin bar during SXSW, in which Murray matter-of-factly installs himself as an auxiliary bartender. As the understandably giddy guy doing the intro explains, Murray was doing tequila shots at the bar, left to check out some music, and then came back to pull an impromptu shift. Oh, also, he brought RZA and GZA with him, although, tragically, they’re not in the clip. (It's Jim Jarmusch's 2003 vignette-feature Coffee and Cigarettes come to life!) Bill Murray, we salute you.

[Via GQ]