Boardwalk Empire Trailer: Looking Good, HBO


Did the sight of Treme’s trailer from yesterday get you excited for the immediate future of HBO? Prepare to remain excited! A full trailer for Boardwalk Empire has also been released, and it packs the same fast-cut, mostly wordless fun. We get quick glimpses at Michael K. Williams as Chalky White, the underground figure in charge of the Chickenbone Beach part of town, and Michael Shannon as a Treasury Department agent hunting down bootleggers; a lot of Michael Pitt and Steve Buscemi, with their hair artfully slicked back; a cool, blood-soaked marquee logo; and even a few lines of salty dialogue. Just one question: can HBO give this slickly edited silent-trailer treatment to all their shows? We’d love to see Kenny Powers working out his self-esteem issues in such dramatic fashion.