Christoph Waltz to Make Directing Debut With German Rom Com


After winning basically every supporting actor award up for grabs this season, giving him the newfound ability to take on pretty much any project of his liking, what is Inglourious Basterds’ Christoph Waltz's first post-Oscars move? Surprise! He’s going to direct a romantic comedy — from a script he wrote, no less. Waltz will make his feature directing debut on a German-language film, titled Auf Und Davon (Up and Away), which centers on a “ruthless host of a dating show competition” who “finds herself in over her head when the show's romantic story line bumps into her own feelings for a contestant.” He may also play a role in the film.

Up and Away may not be seen in non-German-speaking countries, though, which means American Waltz fans could have trouble catching the Oscar winner's pet project; though maybe that's okay, as seeing the unnerving Nazi officer we just fell for in a rom com that recalls a recent Bachelor scandal could be hard to swallow.

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