Corey Feldman: People Need ‘to Stop Jumping the Gun’


Corey Feldman stopped by Larry King Live tonight to discuss the life of his “best friend” Corey Haim. He expressed frustration about the rampant rumors and guesses made today about what may have caused Haim’s death:

"In watching everything that's happened today and the reports that have come out, people need to stop. They need to stop jumping the gun. They need to stop saying it is a drug overdose. They need to stop saying their theories of what they think," he said. "Until the coroner's report comes out and we have specific evidence and know what the toxicology reports say, nobody knows."

Feldman also revealed that before Haim’s death, the two were in talks to star in a sequel to 1988's License to Drive called License to Fly, which would then be followed by the third film in the "caper" trilogy, License to Dive.