Courtney Love Continues to Make News for Non–Crazy Person Things


You know how sometimes, when someone is so much better at something than everyone else, they get bored with it? We’re assuming that’s what’s going on with Courtney Love. Being a professional famous crazy person comes so easy to here these days, she’s got to mix it up just to keep things interesting. That’s where her musical comeback comes into play: Love reconstituted Hole without any of the band’s original members this summer, and earlier this month announced an April 27 release date for the band’s new album, Nobody’s Daughter. Now we have the first single, “Skinny Little Bitch,” and guess what? It is in no way a train wreck! Sure, the lyrics don’t make Love sound stable or anything — she’s snarling the whole time at an adversary/potential lover who would be “oh so dumb to fuck with me / 'cause baby you’re much too young to end up with me” — but it’d be disappointing if they did, right? As could be expected, the sound is dated nineties alt-rock — all fat, cleanly distorted guitars — but it’s not like there’s a glut of bands trying to peddle this kind of stuff these days, so we have no problem with Courtney doing it. By the way, she’s apparently mad at Edward Norton now?