Curb Your Enthusiasm Reruns Will Feature Panel Discussions About Larry’s Faux Pas


The TV Guide Network bought the rights to syndicate Curb Your Enthusiasm starting this summer, when they'll be solving the problem of the show's 29-minute running time in a novel and very fan-friendly way: by giving Curb an hour-long time slot and including postshow panel discussions about the issues — both ethical and of etiquette — that the show raises. Even better, the panels will be hosted by Susie Essman, who says:

“There is more than enough to talk about in every episode. Some issues are silly, like Larry refusing to submit to the etiquette about not leaving a dinner party before dessert. But there are a lot of race questions and gender issues. And there’s a surprising amount about people with handicaps.”

That actually sounds pretty cool. Like The Marriage Ref, but about Larry ("The Larry Ref?") and hopefully not terrible. The repackaged reruns start on June 2, so we have two and a half months to figure out where on the dial the TV Guide Network is.

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