Dancing With the Stars Season Ten: Get Ready for Showgirls and Showy Girls


Dancing With the Stars returns March 22, and the official announcement of this season's cast comes tonight, during commercial breaks of The Bachelor finale (Team Tenley!). But some of the names are already leaking: The Washington Post reports that Kate Gosselin is definitely onboard, making a triumphant return to television, and presumably leaving her 27 children behind for Jon to passive aggressively snipe at. Also rumored to be joining the show is professional babe Pamela Anderson, who we can only assume will be expanding her ballroom skills beyond this. Other names being thrown around: Kevin Federline, whom we'd be happy to watch leap around, and gold medalist Evan Lysacek, whom we just did. And we're sad to say that TMZ is reporting that early favorite Paula Abdul will not be competing, apparently turning down a $1 million development deal in order to hold out for Idol friend Simon Cowell's X Factor. We miss you, Paula!