Devin the Dude Has Something on His Mind


Devin the Dude’s new album Suite #420 comes out April 20, and he’s building up anticipation with an EP, Do No DistHerb, that’s out now, featuring the new track “We Get High.” Guess what? It’s about smoking weed! But before the cliché-averse among you close the window, know this: Devin raps about weed not because he’s a rapper and he’s supposed to, but because he truly, deeply loves to. He’s always been a prosaically minded emcee, running through daily grind stuff like like the price of gas and drinking Buds; he was on a recession mindset way back in 2007, with “Almighty Dollar” (as in, is not what it used to be). His latest proper single, “What I Be On,” is a perfect example of how he imbues that daily grind — as always, in his case, helped along mightily by some smoke-induced mentality adjustments — with a bit of goofy joy. In that same vein, “We Get High” is as straightforward as weed songs get: all jokey boasts over a woozy, laid-back beat. For that, Devin, we salute you.