Dr. Dre Palling Around With Rhys Darby, Not Working on Detox


As evidenced by his new HP commercial, Dr. Dre is continuing his tireless battle to make digital music listenable before releasing Detox. (This is part of a campaign kicked off this summer to fix the generally-assumed-to-not-be-broken current digital-music files.) While in the studio, Dre explains to Rhys Darby — a.k.a. Murray from Flight of the Conchords; what a world we live in! — that he teamed up with HP and they “tore the computer apart, rebuilt it, so my music could sound like it’s supposed to.” For those keeping track at home, shilling for HP now joins selling expensive headphones, suing people, shilling for Dr. Pepper, getting piano lessons from Burt Bacharach, and creating his own cognac and sparkling vodka line on the list of things Dr. Dre is doing other than finishing Detox.