Eat, Pray, Love Trailer: Who Would Dump James Franco?


The last time we saw Julia Roberts, it was in Valentine’s Day, where she was getting paid $3 million for six minutes of work. But if that didn’t quite satisfy your kick, get ready for a whole lot of Roberts: Next up is a starring role in Eat, Pray, Love, an adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s massively popular memoir. The newly released trailer, in which America’s Sweetheart does all kinds of exciting things — like travel to Bali, eat lots of carbs, pet an elephant, hang out with Viola Davis, and (gasp) break up with James Franco — suggests no reason why this wouldn’t be a huge hit. Unless, of course, a movie about Julia Roberts discovering herself in beautiful, exotic locales would be more “insanely grating” than “uplifting”? We’ll probably check it out anyway, just for Richard Jenkins, seen here doing his best to make lines like “if you could clear out all that space in your mind, you’d have a doorway” sound like words actual people would say.