Edward Norton’s New Stoner Movie Not for the Stoned


At the Thursday-night premiere of Edward Norton’s latest film, Leaves of Grass, we asked the actor, who plays both an Ivy League classics professor and the character’s screw-up stoner twin brother, if he had to watch The Parent Trap to prepare for the dual role. “No, I didn’t watch that one, though we did watch some films about twins to see what they did technically,” he said. He insisted it wasn’t any more difficult playing two characters than one, especially since he was already in touch with his redneck side. Playing the Oklahoma hayseed brother “was really fun,” he said. “It’s a world I’m pretty familiar with.” So should audiences plan to get stoned before seeing the movie? “No, no.” he said. “It’s not a good movie to be stoned for. That should be for, like, what’s it called, Mulholland Drive.” See more in our Party Lines slideshow.