Zombieland’s Emma Stone in Talks to Join the Steve Carell–Ryan Gosling Comedy


We've been eagerly awaiting future casting news about the charming Emma Stone after her turn as Zombieland’s car-stealing, gun-wielding Wichita. (She’ll be doing a voice in Marmaduke, but we prefer to pretend that bit of news was just a food-poisoning fever dream.) Now Vulture can exclusively report that Stone is in negotiations to star in Crazy, Stupid Love opposite Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling at Warner Bros. Vulture got its talons on the script in January, but here’s a refresher: Carell will play a sad-sack dad whose cheating wife left him, and Gosling is the slick bachelor who tries to train him in womanizing. We can't tell you Stone's role, because it would spoil the movie, but it's a pivotal one that ties the whole film together.